Design: ????? Usability:????? Technology:????? 15/15 website

Walking through the kitchen area today I saw as a passed by the giant flatpanel, who’s job the majority of the time is displaying CNN news, a news station we all enjoy watching, a great new website called tomnod. Not sure how new the site actually is, but the look and feel of it say something of modern invention. Bringing all 3 elements to a maximum, great use of technology, amazing look and feel, as well as an overall ease and very fluid usable interface make this a great site you must visit. The vision is simple; contribute some free time in your day to help find and pinpoint (or place a marker) on situations otherwise overlooked, or out of reach to civilization. You are given a specific area to quickly scan using satellite pictures, which can be moved fluidly in any direction. If you happen accross any situation, you can place a ‘marker’ on these areas to bring attention to them by the blanksety balnk.




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