The Adventure Schedule !

17-08-25 southpoint & film 6pm.

17-04-28 mail check – deuces wild! – before gig shift. the early bird!

17-04-27 checking my locker.

16-11-12 a lunch to remember just in case. Downtown crown. 1pm as well. See below.

16-10-26 Atomic Liquors – the pub – barnaby smiled. 9pm.

16-11-11 A lunch to remember – Downtown Crown 6pm. updated

16-07-06 Frankies Tiki Room 10:30.

16-03-10 Frankies Tiki Room 10:30.

16-03-10 3:15ish… Batman Vs Superman @ Southpoint.

15-10-29 8:39 hard rock cafe. 2nd Season

15-10-20 Palace Station 8:37 2nd Season

15-10-19 Updated! -> The LinQ, 3535. 8:34 – 2nd Season.

15-10-14 frankies tiki room. 8:27 2nd season.

15-10-12 Hard Rock at that circular bar 8:46 – 2nd season.

15-10-05 SLS Monkey Bar 8:31 – 2nd season.

15-09-05 – 7pm Cafe Lupo.

15-08-17 – 2pm i am at the mcdonalds on las vegas blvd and warm springs. will be there until 2:45pm. after this i can be found between 4 and 5 pm at the pt’s tavern located here:PT’s tavern

15-08-14 – so you’re visiting … details to follow – check back in the next hour – i won’t be on the strip this evening but tomorrow’s morning coffee schedule is open. generating details. 15-08-15 9:30-10:30am torrey pines and charleston area. I’m currently enjoying a coffee at the jack in the box on the corner until 10:30.

15-06-05 – The adventure continues – changed my mind – i am thinking holstein’s at the cosmo at 9pm. lets see where the night brings us.

150128 – Stay tuned for new adventures – will add more to the schedule on the 1st!

12-05-14 : The Winton for a few brews and some darts, and some pool afterwards. It’s going to be a great holiday season!

UPDATED : 11/16/2014 Starbuck’s @ 7:30pm in greewood village orchard and holly. New time TBA.

Trip to Rochester, NY. Stay tuned for adventure in the R.O.C. The drive from Las Vegas went well. A snowsto