Sports Illustrated Swimsuit.

Well I gotta say it, just when you thought Sports Illustrated Swimsuit couldn’t outdo themselves, they went and put beautiful Kate Upton on a ZeroG flight… as you can see she looks fantastic as ever.

Kate Upton

I would say that definitely would be a great adventure! (On a side note if you’re in Amazinnng Vegas you can actually experience one of these flights if you contact the location Here which seems to be at a to be determined location. I first saw these fantastic Images in the Sports Illustrated iPhone App available for download from the iTunes store for free! There is an unlock price of a mere $7.99 that unlocks this years pics and vids, as well as a $9.99 unlock price that also unlocks the previous years media as well. The models are looks sexy as ever and the body pain this year is also phenominal with Emily Ratajkowski. Check these images as a sample.

Emily_Ratajkowski_Body_Painted_1Just look at the detail of the amazing body paint up close.


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