Final Cut Pro

8 Reasons to Use Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro is one of most popular video editing software programs available and is the product of choice for the vast majority of video editors using a Mac computer. Final Cut Pro makes professional editing of videos easier than ever. Here is a quick list of some the most important reasons you should consider Final Cut Pro for your video editing needs.


1. Superior HD Video Capability

Final Cut Pro is ideally suited to create HD videos of the highest quality. With Final Cut Pro, importing HD video into the editor is easy and flexible. You can import video straight from your camera or even from a tape or reel. You can create high-quality HD videos from any media that supports the format, and Final Cut Pro is updated often for use with the newest cameras and devices.

2. Multi-Channel Audio

If you want to create high-quality videos with surround sound, Final Cut Pro is definitely the editor for you. Final Cut Pro allows you to work with multiple channels of audio and mix those channels in any fashion you choose.

3. Multi-Channel Video

Final Cut Pro also offers you the ability to layer videos. This means that you can play several video frames on top of each other for cool blending or fading effects. In fact, there is almost no limit to the number of videos that you can show on the screen at the same time. You can stack them on top of each other or create cool picture-in-picture effects within your video.

4. Professional Light and Color Correction

Real life doesn’t always offer the best conditions for shooting video. The makers of Final Cut Pro understand this and give you the ability to easily adjust and correct problems with color and lighting. You can use these features to give your video a more natural appearance, or you can use them to give your video an entirely new look.

5. Easy Pro Level Transitions

If you need more than simple dissolves, fades or exploding hearts or` stars in your sequence transitions, Final Cut Pro offers a wide variety of commercial level transitions. In fact, Final Cut Pro offers more types of transitions between sequences than any other video editing program available.

6. Commercial Quality DVD Authoring

Once you have completed editing a video with Final Cut Pro, you can easily export the video project to Apple’s DVD Studio Pro and create DVDs that rival even the best commercial releases. Creating a high-quality DVD only takes a few minutes, and the quality of the video is sure to impress all that see it.

7. Huge User Support Base

Users of Final Cut Pro not only have access to Apple’s highly acclaimed customer support, they also have access to a huge user base that is friendly and helpful. There are many forums and help sites where experienced Final Cut Pro users help out newcomers with solutions to problems they may experience.

8. Large Number of Plug-Ins

One of the biggest advantages of Final Cut Pro is the large number of third-party plug-ins that are available for the software. Although the Final Cut Pro is easy to use, there are third-party plug-ins available that automate tasks and make them even easier. You can also find third-party plug-ins that will allow you to use Final Cut Pro with other software – even if it’s not made by Apple.

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