Luna Lounge

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So I was out and about the other night and driving my 68 mustang on the Las Vegas strip and behold she started to overheat , so I pulled over slightly upset but then realized i would happen upon a spot that turned out to be a fun and someplace I would visit again. Slightly tucked away near Tacos El Gordo, is an entrance I found to have that after hours feel, you know know; after a night of drinking you end up someplace with just a door guy with no outstanding markings making the experience a bit more fun with the added mystery.

The door guy was friendly and inviting and welcomed me in and found it to be relaxing with lots of energy. The live dj had some great beats on and people were enjoying the hookah experience. I walked by one almost as tall as I was. Here are some snapshots of the decor below. To me it felt like the kind of place you would travel with a group of friends on an evening adventure.

The bar wasn’t fully loaded but they did have beers that were under $9 with including tip. With great service, always met with a smile, the upbeat mellow energy, I plan on visiting again soon for the live stand up comedy.