Gordon Ramsey’s Steak | Restaurant


Quality: ????? Service:????? Ambiance:????? 15/15 (877) 346-4642 orwebsite


Well I have to say that this spot not only has some the best tasting food you have ever had but it also has a unique & wonderful atmosphere as well as some of the best service around. Every attention to detail has been thought of, down the menus being presented on apple iPads which brings a touch of futuristic elegance. When you first walk in;


the futuristic architecture hits your eye as you walk directly to the bar where there is a plethora of fantastic wines that would complement any dish as well as satisfy your appetite for great vino. The rest of the restaurant also presents itself with amazing decor that looks like a work of art itself.


With every dish having that mouth orgasmic quality, mixed with the ambiance this restaurant sure ranks up in the: ‘MUST EXPERIENCE’ when you visit Amazing Vegas list.

Revisit because the next time is always just as fun 14-03-21. Met with great service, the music set the mood, and the food was delightful.

Filet with Potato puree finished with a Caesar salad all the while enjoying a refreshing cocktail called the vesper.

(notes to follow)